Full of Secrets: Critical Approaches to Twin Peaks

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Edited By

David Lavery


Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1994




Introduction: "The Semiotics of Cobbler: Twin Peaks'  Interpretive Community | David Lavery

Bad Ideas: The Art and Politics of Twin Peaks |  Jonathan Rosenbaum

The Peaks and Valleys of Serial Creativity: What Happened to/on Twin Peaks | Marc Dolan

"Do You Enjoy Making the Rest of Us Feel Stupid?" alt.tv.twinpeaks, the Trickster Author, and Viewer Mastery | Henry Jenkins

Family Romance, Family Violence, and the Fantastic in Twin Peaks | Diane Stevenson

"Disturbing the Guests with This Racket": Music and Twin Peaks | Kathryn Kalinak

The Canonization of Laura Palmer | Christy Desmet

Lynching Women: A Feminist Reading of Twin Peaks | Diana Hume George

Double Talk in Twin Peaks | Alice Kuzniar

Infinite Games: the Derationalization of Detection in Twin Peaks | Angela Hague

Desire Under the Douglas Firs: Entering the Body of Reality in Twin Peaks | Martha Nochimson

The Dis-order of Things in Twin Peaks | J. P. Telotte

Postmodernism and Television: Speaking of Twin Peaks | Jimmie L. Reeves, et al

Appendix A: Directors and Writers

Appendix B: Cast List

Appendix C: Abbreviations

Appendix D: A Twin Peaks Calendar

Appendix E: Twin Peaks Scene Breakdown