Seinfeld, Master of Its Domain: Revisiting Television's Greatest Sitcom

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Edited by David Lavery, with Sara Lewis Dunne


New York: Continuum, 2006


David Lavery and Sara Lewis Dunne (Middle Tennessee State University), Preface. “Part of Popular Culture”: The Legacy of Seinfeld

Giddy-Up!”: Introductions

Albert Auster (Fordham University), Much Ado About Nothing: Some Final Thoughts on Seinfeld

David Marc (Syracuse University), Seinfeld: A Show (Almost) About Nothing

Bill Wyman, Seinfeld

Reflections on Seinfeld

“Maybe the dingoes ate your baby”: Genre, Humor, Intertextuality

Michael Dunne (Middle Tennessee State University), Seinfeld as Intertextual Comedy 

Barbara Ching (University of Memphis), They Laughed Unhappily Ever After: Seinfeld, Situation Comedy, and the Encounter with Nothingness 

Dennis Hall (University of Louisville), Jane Austen, Meet Jerry Seinfeld 

Amy McWilliams (Texas A & M), Genre Expectation and Narrative Innovation in Seinfeld

“If I like their race, how can that be racist?”: Gender, Generations, and Ethnicity

Joanna L. Di Mattia (Monash University), Male Anxiety and the Buddy System in Seinfeld

Matthew Bond, “Are they having babies just so people will visit them?”: Parents and Children on Seinfeld

Jon Stratton (Curtin University of Technology), Seinfeldis a Jewish Sitcom, Isn’t It: Ethnicity and Assimilation on 1990s American Television

“It is so sad, all your knowledge of high culture comes from Bugs Bunny cartoons”: Cultural, Pop Cultural, and Media Matters

Geoffrey O’Brien, The Republic of Seinfeld

Sara Lewis Dunne (Middle Tennessee State University), Seinfood: Purity, Danger, and Food Codes on Seinfeld

Eleanor Hersey (Fresno Pacific University), "It’ll Always Be Burma to Me": J. Peterman on Seinfeld

Elke van Cassel (Radboud University Nijmegen), Getting the Joke: Seinfeldfrom a European Perspective

Michael M. Epstein (Southwestern University School of Law), Mark C. Rogers (Walsh University), and Jimmie L. Reeves (Texas Tech University), From Must-See-TV to Branded Counter Programming: Seinfeld and Syndication


David Lavery, Middle Tennessee State University, with Marc Leverette, Colorado State University, Re-Reading Seinfeld after Curb Your Enthusiasm

“Get Out!”: Back Pages

Betty Lee, Seinfeld Lexicon

Seinfeld Episode and Situation Guide (by David Lavery)

Seinfeld Intertexts and Allusions