Reading Deadwood: A Western to Swear By Deadwood: A Western to Swear By

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Edited by David Lavery

London: Tauris, 2006


David Lavery (Middle Tennessee State University, USA). Introduction. Deadwood, David Milch, and Television Creativity


Al Swearengen:

Shawn McIntosh (Rutgers U, USA). Six Shooters and the Fourth Estate: A.W. Merrick and Deadwood's Information Society

Douglas Howard (SUNY Suffolk, USA). Why Wild Bill Hickok Had to Die

The Women of Deadwood

Janet McCabe (Manchester Metropolitan U, UK). Myth Maketh the Woman: Calamity Jane and the Myth of the West

Kathleen E. R. Smith (Northwestern State U of Louisiana, USA). Whores, Ladies, and Calamity Jane: Western Gender Roles and the Women of HBO’s Deadwood

Deadwood and Genre

Amanda Klein (U Pittsburgh, USA). “The Horse Doesn’t Get a Credit”: The Foregrounding of Generic Syntax in Deadwood’s Opening Credits 

Joseph Millichap (Western Kentucky U, USA). David Milch, Robert Penn Warren, and the Literary Contexts of Deadwood

Sean O’Sullivan (Clemson U, USA). Old, New, Borrowed, Blue: Deadwood and Serial Fiction

Politics, Language, Race

David Drysdale (U Northern British Columbia, CAN). “Laws and Every other Damn Thing”: Authority, Bad Faith, and the Unlikely Success of Deadwood 

John Bridge (UCLA, USA). Deadwood’s Language Project: Profanity, Mythology, and “Quality"

Paul Wright & Hai Lin Zhou (Villanova U, USA). Divining the “Celestials”: The Chinese Subculture of Deadwood

The Body in Deadwood

G. Christopher Williams (U Wisconsin Stevens Point, USA). Pimp and Whore: The Necessity of Perverse Domestication in the Development of the Western

Erin Hill (UCLA, USA). Body Crises in Deadwood 

David Scott Diffrient (University of Michigan, USA). Deadwood Dick: The Western (Phallus) Reinvented

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