Reading The Sopranos: Hit TV from HBO

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Edited by David Lavery

London: Tauris, 2006


David Lavery (Middle Tennessee State University, USA), Introduction: Can This be the End of Tony Soprano?

Michael M. Epstein (Southwestern University School of Law, USA), Jimmie L. Reeves (Texas Tech, USA), and Mark C. Rogers (Walsh University, USA), Surviving the "Hit": Will The Sopranos Still Sing for HBO?

David Johansson (Brevard Community College, USA), Homeward Bound: Those Sopranos Titles Come Heavy

Sopranos Women

Janet McCabe and Kim Akass (Manchester Metropolitan University and University of North London, UK), What has Carmela Ever Done for Feminism?

Valerie Palmer-Mehta (Oakland University, USA), Disciplining the Masculine: The Disruptive Power of Janice Soprano

Bruce Plourde (Temple University, USA), Eve of Destruction: Dr. Melfi as Reader of The Sopranos


Jessica Baldanzi (Indiana University, USA), Bloodlust for the Common Man: The Sopranos Confronts Its Vengeful Audience [on "Employee of the Month" and "Another Toothpick"] 

Cameron Golden (UNC Greensboro, USA), "You're Annette Bening?": Dreams and Hollywood as Subtext in The Sopranos [on "The Test Dream"] 

Christopher Kocela (Georgia State University, USA), From Columbus to Gary Cooper: Mourning the Lost White Father in The Sopranos [on "Christopher"] 

Music, Theatricality, Aesthetics

Chris Neal (McMurry University, USA), Gangstas, Divas, and Breaking Tony’s Balls: Musical Reference in The Sopranos

Gwyn Symonds (University of Sydney, Australia), Show Business or Dirty Business?: The Theatrics of Mafia Narrative and Empathy for the Last Mob Boss Standing in The Sopranos

Franco Ricci (University of Ottawa, Canada), Art Imitating Life Imitating Art: Aesthetics and Ammunition in The Sopranos

Criminal Justice, Politics, Race

Douglas L. Howard (Suffolk County Community College, USA), Tasting Brylcreem: Law, Disorder, and the FBI in The Sopranos

Dean DeFino (Iona College, USA), The Prince of North Jersey

Brian Gibson (University of Alberta, Canada), "Black Guys My Ass": The Queerness of Racism in The Sopranos 

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