This Thing of Ours: Investigating The Sopranos

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Edited by David Lavery


New York: Columbia U P, 2002



David Lavery, MTSU: Coming Heavy: The Significance of The Sopranos

Ellen Willis, NYU: Our Mobsters, Ourselves

Albert Auster, Fordham University: The Sopranos: The Gangster Redux

Men and Women

Cindy Donatelli and Sharon Alward, University of Manitoba: “I dread you”: Married to the Mob in The Godfather, Goodfellas, and The Sopranos

Avi Santo, University of Texas: “Why Don’t you take a look in the mirror, you insensitive prick”: Weight, Body Image and Masculinity in The Sopranos

Joanne Lacey, University of Brighton: One for the Boys? The Sopranosand Its Male, British Audience

Joseph S. Walker, Auburn University: “Cunnilingus and Psychoanalysis Have Brought Us To This”: Livia and the Logic of False Hoods

The Media Context

David Lavery, Middle Tennessee State University, and Robert J. Thompson, Syracuse University, David Chase, The Sopranos, and Television Creativity

Glen Creeber, Cardiff University: “TV Ruined the Movies'’ Television, Tarantino, and The Intimate World of The Sopranos'

Dawn Elizabeth B. Johnston, University of Calgary: Way North of New Jersey: A Canadian Experience of The Sopranos

Paul Levinson, Fordham University: Naked Bodies, Three Showings a Week, and No Commercials: The Sopranosas a Nuts-and-Bolts Triumph of Non-Network TV

Mark C. Rogers, Walsh University, Michael Epstein, Southwestern School of Law, and Jimmie Reeves, Texas Tech University: The Sopranos as HBO Brand Equity: The Art of Commerce in the Age of Digital Reproduction

Genre, Narrative Technique, and Intertextuality

David Pattie, University College, Chester: Mobbed Up: The Sopranos and the Intertextual Gangster

Kim Akass and Janet McCabe, University of North London: Beyond the Bada Bing!: Negotiating Female Narrative Authority in The Sopranos

Kevin Fellezs, University of California Santa Cruz: Wiseguy Opera: Music for Sopranos

Cultural Contexts

Lance Strate, Fordham University: No(rth Jersey) Sense of Place: The Cultural Geography (and Media Ecology) of The Sopranos

Douglas L. Howard, SUNY at Suffolk: "Soprano-speak": Language and Silence in The Sopranos

Steven Hayward, University of Pennsylvania, and Andrew Biro, University of Toronto: The Eighteenth Brumaire of Tony Soprano

Sara Lewis Dunne, Middle Tennessee State University: "The Brutality of Meat" and "the Abruptness of Seafood": Food, Violence, and Family in The Sopranos

Appendix A. The Sopranos Episodes

Appendix B. The Sopranos Cast of Characters

 Appendix C. Intertextual Moments and Allusions on The Sopranos

Appendix D. The Sopranos: A Family History