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Introductory Paragraph (use or amend as desired):

Todd Field’s Academy Award nominated 2001 film In the Bedroom adopts Andre Dubus’ 1979 short story "Killings" for the big screen. Since Dubus’ story about a father seeking vengeance for his son’s death is only thirteen pages long, Field and co-screenwriter Robert Feistinger faced the challenge of fleshing out the original tale in order to become a 2 hour + motion picture. [Thesis statement here.]

Possible Thesis Statements (to follow the introductory paragraph above). Use or amend as desired.

  • They largely succeeded, giving us a film that remains substantially faithful to the original short story.
  • In so doing, In the Bedroom departs dramatically from the original story.
  • In the process each of the main characters—Matt Fowler (Tom Wilkinson), Ruth Fowler (Sissy Spacek), Frank Fowler (Nick Stahl), Natalie Strout (Marisa Tomei), and Richard Strout (William Mapother)—undergoes distinct [or subtle--choose one] changes from the original story.
  • In the process the original story’s key conflicts and themes undergo distinct [or subtle--choose one] shifts.