Key Figure Presentation

ENGL 6650/7650—Special Topics in Popular Culture Studies:

James Tiptree, Jr. & Science Fiction


Each seminarian will fulfill this course requirement:


(2) presentation of a "Key Figure in Science Fiction" of your choice (make your claim via e-mail []. Each presenter will have approximately 15 minutes for his/her presentation, which may include a Power Point/Prezi, a handout, clip(s), etc.


(1) Pick a figure; (2) get my approval (all figures in the 50 Key Figures Book are pre-approved); (3) Seek out additional print and web reesources on your subject; (4) prepare a 15 minute presentation.


In your presentation you will offer an over-view on your chosen figure that takes us beyond what your classmates would know from the course texts. What role did he/she/it play in the history of science fiction? What works are he/she/it best known for? What is her/his/its relevance for mainstream literature/film/television? How does her/his/its contribution to the genre enhance our understanding of the genre.


You may use a Power Point, a Prezi, a handout—whatever works. Images, clips, texts, etc. will, of course, enhance, your presentation.