Development of a Course Syllabus for a College Level Science Fiction Class

Go here to see a sample (zipped file)

1. May be for a science fiction course of any kind. Here are some possibilities: (a) a single author course (for example: Heinlein, Clarke, Asimov, Lem, Butler); (b) a course on a sub-genre (for example: cyberpunk, steampunk, disaster stories, utopias, dystopias, alternate history, space opera, etc.); a course on a theme/motif/template (for example: cyborgs, time travel, space habitats,  overpopulation and pollution); (d) a course on science fiction film and/or television

2. Should provide all that a normal syllabus should provide: course assignments, course policies and procedures, a reading list, an agenda, etc.

3. Should include writing assignments and objective or essay exams.

4. Could include online components.

5. May be for any level (lower division/upper division/graduate).

6. May be for an online or face-to-face course.

7. Go here to see a model. (zipped file)