A Select List of Utopias and Dystopias
Work Author Year Type
1984 Orwell, George 1949 Dystopia
334 Disch, Thomas 1972 Dystopia
Anthem Rand, Ayn 1938 Dystopia
Brave New World Huxley, Adluous 1932 Dystopia
City of the Sun, The Campanella, Thomasso 1623 Utopia
Clockwork Orange, A Burgess, Anthony 1962 Dystopia
Erewhon Butler, Samuel 1872 Utopia
Fahrenheit 451 Bradbury, Ray 1953 Dystopia
Handmaid’s Tale, The Atwood, Margaret 1985 Dystopia
Iron Heel, The London, Jack 1907 Dystopia
It Can’t Happen Here Lewis, Sinclair 1935 Dystopia
Looking Backward Bellamy, Edward 1888 Utopia
"Machine Stops, The" Forster, E. M. 1909 Dystopia
Make Room! Make Room Harrison, Harry 1966 Dystopia
Moderan Bunch, David R. 1971 Dystopia
New Atlantis, The Bacon, Sir Francis c1620 Utopia
Republic, The Plato c380 B.C. Utopia
Shockwave Rider, The Bruner, John 1975 Dystopia
Stand on Zanzibar Brunner, John 1968 Dystopia
Traveller from Alturia, A Howells, William Dean 1894 Utopia
Utopia More, Sir Thomas 1516 Utopia
Walden Two Skinner, B. F. 1961 Utopia
Walk to the End of the World Charnas, Suzy McKee 1975 Dystopia
We Zamayatin, Yevgeny 1924 Dystopia
Woman at the Edge of Time Piercy, Marge 1976 Dystopia

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