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ENGL 4860: Special Topics in Film Studies

Adapting Tolkien and Harry Potter 

Fall 2015

Room PH xxx | Day/Time TBA

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About the Course


Dr. David Lavery

Office PH 316A | Office Hours TBA | E-mail david.lavery@mtsu.edu | Office Phone/Voice-Mail 615-898-5648 | Home Page http//davidlavery.net/

Dr. David Lavery is Director of Graduate Studies and Professor in the English Department at Middle Tennessee State University (1993- ). The recipient of the University's 2006 Distinguished Research Award, he is the author of over one hundred and fifty published essays, chapters, and reviews and the author / co-author / editor / co-editor of twenty-two books, including Joss Whedon, A Creative Portrait From Buffy the Vampire Slayer to The Avengers, TV Goes to Hell An Unofficial Road Map of Supernatural, The Essential Cult Television Reader, and The Essential Sopranos Reader. The co-convener of international conferences on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the work of Joss Whedon and The Sopranos; co-founder of the Whedon Studies Association and its journal Slayage and founding editor of Critical Studies in Television, he has lectured around the world on the subject of television (Australia, Turkey, the UK, Portugal, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany), been a guest/source for the BBC, NPR, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, The New York Times, A Folha de Sao Paulo (Brazil), Publica (Portugal), Information (Netherlands), AP, The Toronto Star, USA Today, and from 2006-2008 taught film and television at Brunel University in London. With MTSU's Jane Marcellus, he is the co-convener of an international symposium on Mad Men to be held in New York City in October 2015.






Course Requirements

Writing Completion of two of the following [A] xxxxxxxxxxxx; [B] xxxxxxxxxxx; [C] xxxxxxxx; [D] xxxxxxxx; [E] xxxxxxx. Length each 2000 words (MA students)/3,000 words (PhD students) | Weight Each worth 40% of course grade. Due See the course agenda. Submit via the appropriate D2L drop boxes. 

Class participation [25% of grade] (1) involvement in class discussion of daily readings; (2) xxxxxxx; (3) xxxxxxxxxxxx; (4) xxxxxx. Nota bene presenters may use any/all of the following in their 10 minute presentations handouts, Power Points/Prezis, audio/video clips.


Power Points

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Meeting 1 | 8/26/15

Introduction to the Course | Power Point(s):  Meeting One

Meeting 2 | 9/2/15

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey | Power Point(s):  Meeting Two

Meeting 3 | 9/9/15

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug | Power Point(s):  Meeting Three

Meeting 4 | 9/16/15

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies | Power Point(s):  Meeting Four

Meeting 5 |  9/23/15

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring |  Power Point(s): Meeting Five

Meeting 6 | 9/30/15

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers | Power Point(s): Meeting Six

Meeting 7 | 10/7/15

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King | Power Point(s):  Meeting Seven

10/10-13/15: Fall Break

Meeting 8 | 10/14/15

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone |Power Point(s):Power Point(s):Power Point(s):  Meeting Eight

Meeting 9 | 10/21/15

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets  | Power Point(s)::  Meeting Nine Meeting Nine

Meeting 10 | 10/28/15

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban  |  Power Point(s):  Meeting Ten

Meeting 11 | 11/4/15

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire | Power Point(s):  Meeting Eleven

Meeting 12 | 11/11/15

Harry Potter and the Sect of the Phoenix   | Power Point(s): Meeting Twelve

Meeting 13 | 11/18/15

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince  | Power Point(s):  Meeting Thirteen

11/25/15: Thanksgiving, No Class

Meeting 14 | 11/25/15

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows  | Power Point(s):  Meeting Fourteen

12/4-10: Final Exam Week