Salvadore Dali [1904-1989]
Spanish Painter


The only difference between myself and a madman is that I am not mad.

Salvadore Dali


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Salvadore Dali

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Salvador Dali Galeria (English/Polish)

Major Works:
Un Chien Andalou (film, 1928); Accomodations of Desire (1929); Dismal Sport (1929); Portrait of Paul Eluard (1929) ; Partial Hallucination - Six Apparitions of Lenin on a Grand; Piano (1931); Persistence of Memory (1931); Agnostic Symbol (1932); Meditation on the Harp (1932-1934); Gala and the Angelus of Millet Immediately Preceding the Arrival of the Conic Anamorphoses (1933); The Enigma of William Tell (1933); Masochistic Instrument (1933-1934); The Ghost of Vermeer of Delft (1934); Visage of Mae West (1934-1935); Autumn Cannibalism (1936); Soft Construction with Boiled Beans: Premonition of Civil War (1936); Three Women with Heads of Flowers Finding the Skin of a Piano on the Beach (1936) 32K; Cannibalism in Autumn (1936-1937); Lighted Giraffes (1936-1937); Inventions of the Monsters (1937); Metamorphosis of Narcissus (1937); Queen Salome (1937); Sleep (1937); Apparition of Face and Fruit Dish on a Beach (1938); Mountain Lake (1938); The Transparent Simulacrum of the Feigned Image (1938); Slave Market with Invisible Bust of Voltaire (1940); Geopolitical Child Watching the Birth of the New Man (1943); Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee (1944); Portrait Of Picasso (1947); Raphaelesque Head Bursting (1951); Crucifixion (Hypercubic Body) (1954); Still Life-Fast Moving (1956); Virgin of Guadalupe (1959); The Hallucinogeous Bullfighter (1969-1970); Atmospheric Skull (ND); First Days of Spring (ND); Tetuan Painting (ND); The Temptation of St. Anthony (ND); Young Virgin Autosodomized by Her Chastity (ND)


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