A Howard Gruber Lexicon

Aha Erlebnis Emphasis in the study of creativity on "sudden moments of insight, dramatic reorganizings of ideas"--on "Eureka experiences" (ORA 41-42). 
Bracketing "The technique creative people use to handle part of a problem they cannot yet solve" (Gardner). 
Case Study "An intensive examination of the working of a single mind" (Howard Gardner). 
Conceptual Framework The underlying, but often tacit, intellectual foundation of a creative individual's evolving thought. 
Creativity A supposed "set of properties . . . a person has in a certain amount and carries around with him." This is not Gruber's subject. "The question is really not the 'ivity' of it--the property list--but how people go about doing it" (FES 175). 
Developmental Curve The transformation of the life in the work and work in the life over time in the development of a creative individual. 
Domains For Piaget, domains include causality, time, space, object, chance, number, etc. 
Evolving Systems Approach The belief that a creative person is a system of loosely coupled subsystems--briefly knowledge, purpose, and affect" and that each of these is governed by "a partially independent organization, different roles, and different relevant times scales" working in "loose coupling" not as a "tightly meshed set of gears" (FES 175-76). 
Good Moves Openings (metaphor is from chess) that "set the stage for the protracted creative work of which it is only a part" (FES 172). 
Heuristics Strategies of discovery. 
Images of Wide Scope "Metaphors that hold the key to a creative breakthrough" (Gardner). "There is probably a place for a special term such "image of wide scope," distinct from metaphor, to refer to the potential vehicle of a metaphor that has not yet been formulated or to refer to supple schematization (such as "network") that might enter into a number of metaphors" (IOW 256). 
Intellectual Work Manifests itself in moments, episodes, projects, tasks, and enterprises.
Microgenesis The production, in a process not yet understood, of creative ideas over time at the deepest levels of the mind. 
Network of Enterprises "The multiple ongoing interests that thread through the intellectual life of a creative individual" (Gardner). 
Novelty A primary component of the world view of a creative person which allows for the very possibility of creative work.
Point of View A "certain special perspective on the world" (FES 178). Each creative person "looks at the world from a special place. He has a point of view that permits him to see things in a new way, to see new questions, new opportunities, new directions to go in" (FES 178). 
Protocols The identifiable procedures/work habits of a creative individual. 
Telescoping When a "complex event, extended in time, is compressed into a point-instant" (ORA 51). 
The Three 'B's' of Creatvity The bed, the bath, the bus (ORA 41). 
Thought-form Keegan's term for "the incarnation of a theme within an individual" (IOW 251). 
Time-Course The description of time factors in the creative process. Divided into three aspects: Frequency; Speed; Duration.