Saving the World: A Guide to Heroes


Lynnette Porter, David Lavery, Hillary Robson

ECW Press 2007


Our book will soon be out of print. You can still order electronic versions through the following outlets: KindleKobo | Or you can read/download the entire book here in pdf format. The authors thank ECW for granting permission to make Saving the World available.


Front Matter



Part 1: Going Deep


Are These Heroes Lost? | The Creation of Heroes | Empowering Heroes: Marketing the Series


Comic Book Heroes (with Sean Hockett) | Growing Pains: Heroes and the Quest for Identity (Ben Strickland)

Heroes and Villains

The Making of a Hiro | The Ambiquity of Evil in Heroes

Light and Dark

Going Dark in Heroes (Steven Peacock) | The Heroes Kaleidoscope (Mary Alice Money)

The Finale

Finale Face-Off

Part 2: Enhancements