Slayage 4.1-2 [13-14], October 2004

David Lavery and Rhonda V. Wilcox, Co-Editors

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Lorna Jowett (University College, Northampton),  New Men: "Playing the Sensitive Lad" (from Sex and the Slayer, forthcoming from Wesleyan U P)

Giada Da Ros (University of Trento), When, Where, and How Much is Buffy a Soap Opera?

Laura Diehl  (Rutgers University), Why Drusilla is More Interesting Than Buffy

Judith Tabron (Hofstra University), Girl on Girl Politics: Willow/Tara and New Approaches to Media Fandom

David Lavery (Middle Tennessee State University), “I Wrote My Thesis on You": Buffy Studies as an Academic Cult

James South (Marquette University), On the Philosophical Consistency of Season 7

Sue Turnbull (LaTrobe University), "Not Just Another Buffy Paper”: Towards an Aesthetics of Television | Power Point Version

Brett Rogers and Walter Scheidel (Stanford University),   Driving Stakes, Driving Cars: California Car Culture, Sex, and Identity in BtVS

Greg Erickson (Brooklyn Conservatory of Music), Revisiting Buffy’s (A)Theology: Religion: “Freaky” or just “A Bunch of Men Who Died”