Slayage 5.2 [18], September 2005

David Lavery and Rhonda V. Wilcox, Co-Editors

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Lorna Jowett (University College, Northampton), The Summersí House as Domestic Space in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Scott McLaren (York University), The Evolution of Joss Whedonís Vampire Mythology and the Ontology of the Soul

Jeffrey Bussolini (University of Staten Island), Los Alamos is the Hellmouth

Jes Battis (Simon Fraser University), Demonic Maternities, Complex Motherhoods: Cordelia, Fred and the Puzzle of Illyra This essay is chapter five of Blood Relations: Chosen Families in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel © 2005 Jes Battis, and is made available here by permission of McFarland & Company, Inc., Box 611, Jefferson NC 28640 | You can order the book from Amazon here or from McFarland here.

Ewan Kirkland (Buckingham Childterns University College), A Conference Report on "Bring Your Own Subtext": Social Life, Human Experience and the Works of Joss Whedon