Slayage 7.4 [28], Summer 2009

David Lavery and Rhonda V. Wilcox, Co-Editors

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Kevin K. Durand (Henderson State University), "Are You Ready to Finish This?": The Battle against the Patriarchal Forces of Darkness [From Buffy Meets the Academy: Essays on the Episodes and Scripts as Texts © 2009,  Edited by Kevin K. Durand by permission of McFarland & Co., Inc. Box 611, Jefferson NC 28640]

J. Douglas Rabb and J. Michael Richardson (Lakehead University), Myth, Metaphor, Morality and Monsters: The Espenson Factor and Cognitive Science in Joss Whedon's Narrative Love Ethic

Sören Nylin (Stockholm University), Mad, Bad Scientists and Cute, Curious Magicians: The Quest for Knowledge in Buffyand the Whedonverse

Malin Isaksson (Umeå University), Buffy/Faith Adult Femslash: Queer Porn with a Plot

Shiloh Carroll (Middle Tennessee State University), Psychology of a "Superstar": A Pyschological Analysis of Jonathan Levinson