James Tiptree, Jr.

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A James Tiptree, Jr. Chronology
1915 Born in Chicago, Illinois, daughter of Mary Hastings Bradley, a prolific author, mostly of travel literature, and Herbert Bradley, an attorney, African explorer, and naturalist 
1921-22 Accompanies her parents on a safari to Africa
1934 Marries William Davey 
1941 Divorces William Davey; art critic for Chicago Sun (1941-42) 
1942 Enlists in U.S. Army 
1943 Assigned to Army Intelligence 
1945 Marries Huntington Sheldon 
1946 Discharged from Army as a Major; "The Lucky Ones"; runs a small rural business with her husband (1946-52) 
1952 Move to Washington in order to participate in development of the C.I.A. 
1954 Becomes a clandestine agent in Near East (1954-55) 
1955 Resigns from C.I.A.
1956 Enrolls at American University 
1959 C.I.A. and the Sheldons move to Northern Virginia; receives B.A. from American University; begins graduate work; teaches as a graduate assistant 
1967 Receives Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from George Washington University
1968 (53) First uses "James Tiptree, Jr." pseudonym in the story "Birth of a Salesman"; "Birth of a Salesman," "Help, Mamma Come Home," "The Man Doors Said Hello To," "Fault," "Faithful to Thee, Terra, In Our Fashion" 
1969 (54) "Beam Us Home," "Your Haploid Heart," "The Snows are Melted, the Snows Are Gone" 
1970 (55) "The Night-blooming Saurian," "I'm Too Big but I Love to Play" 
1971 (56) "And I Awoke and Found Me Here on the Cold Hill's Side," "And So On, And So On," "I'll Be Waiting for You When the Swimming Pool is Empty," "Mother in the Sky With Diamonds," "Painwise," "The Peacefulness of Vivyan" 
1972 (57) "Forever To a Hudson Bay Blanket," "All the Kinds of Yes," "Amberjack," "And I Have Come Upon This Place by Lost Ways," "The Man Who Walked Home," "The Milk of Paradise," "On the Last Afternoon" 
1973 (58) "The Girl Who Was Plugged In," "Love is the Plan, the Plan is Death," "Ten Thousand Light Years from Home," "The Women Men Don't See" 
1974 (59) "Angel Fix," "Her Smoke Rose Up Forever," "The Last Flight of Doctor Ain" 
1975 (60) "A Momentary Taste of Being," Warm Worlds and Otherwise
1976 (61) Sheldon's mother dies; her true identity is discovered; "Beaver Tears," "She Waits for All Men Born," "Your Faces, O My Sisters! Your Faces Filled of Light!", "Houston, Houston, Do You Read?", "The Psychologist Who Wouldn't Do Awful Things To Rats" 
1977 (62) Receives Nebula Award for "The Screwfly Solution"; "Time-Sharing Angel," "The Screwfly Solution" 
1978 (63) "We Who Stole the Dream," Up the Walls of the World, Star Songs of an Old Primate
1980 (65) "Slow Music," "A Source of Innocent Merriment" 
1981 (66) "Out of the Everywhere," Out of the Everywhere and Other Extraordinary Visions, "With Delicate Mad Hands," "Lirios: A Tale of the Quintana Roo" 
1985 (70) Brightness Falls from the Air
Kills her husband and commits suicide, May 19, 1987